Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Complete & Social Working on PC

Hey guys, are you bored of subscribing to all these VPNs and even expensive and unreliable internet bundle from our internet providers . well i have good news for you.
you know other Mobile Internet providers like MTN, Glo and Etisalat provide BIS or Blackberry plans and bundles but lock it to only blackberry phones alone becos of the higher bandwidth they alot to it.  yes many had wished they could use their blackberry package on their PC, and many have succeded in various softwares, from freegate to tunnel guru and the likes... but a great guy called Airtel doesnt restrict their blackberry packages, you can however subscribe for their blackberry complete packages and put the sim on your PC and start browsing without any special code or software. yes and you get 1gb of data.. in Glo that will cost you 3k. so if you were spending 3k on one gig on glo , now with Airtel BIS you can have 3gig for 3k.. thats more than double guys. so if you havnt tried it go ahead now. you may use a friends Airtel BIS complete plan to test on your PC. and start blazing the net.

Step one simply Subscribe to an Airtel Blackberry Complete or social plan

Blackberry Complete - N1,400   1 gb   Subscription code =  *440*1# or simply TEXT  bcm TO 440

Blackberry Social - N1,200   1gb    Subscription code =   *440*4# or simply TEXT  bsm TO 440

yes although on blackberry phones, you can only use the Blackberry Social plan for Social networks, but on PC you can use it for anything, just like a normal data plan.

 SO thats it , no software required, no UDP , NO ICPM stuff, just open to you.. thanks to Airtel for that.!! 

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