Friday, November 23, 2012

Best way Monetize your website or Blog with INFO LINkS New and Updated Ads format

Infolinkers have been sufficiently introduced to the All New Infolinks, it’s time to dig in a bit further and reveal just how our new and improved suite of ad products can benefit you. We have revamped our InText and InSearch ads, reinvented our InTag ads and revealed InFrame ads (beta version). Learn about our renovated suite of ad products and share your favorite ad combo with your Social Networks.

InText – Monetize Between the Lines

InText ads’ efficiency and delivered results function at a very fine-grained level. The intelligence of our In3 platform ensures InText comprehends not only your words, but the context of your content while placing underlined links on your best keywords. Plus, our InText ads are fully customizable! Select the underline style, the color of the links and how many appear on each page, 12 is the recommended amount.

InSearch – What Your Visitors Are Searching For

Our InSearch ads (formerly Search Widget), have been a huge hit since its induction last year. InSearch appears only to your search traffic and cuts down on ad clutter, while delivering ads relevant to exactly what your visitors are searching for. InSearch appears in a well-behaved footer ad, which minimizes to a small banner when ignored. This ad unit is a real money maker. InSearch beats banner blindness to support big earnings.
InTag – Keep it Looking Good while Earning More

InTag is the stream-lined combination of Related Tags and Tag Cloud. We put them together for a smart, attractive ad option with greater customization choices. Select one line or two lines of keywords for your InTag ad unit. Infolinks In3 platform extracts the best keywords from your content and presents them in an attractive ad unit. You can also control where it appears on your site by selecting “manual placement” in your Publisher Center.

InFrame – Monetize the Extra Real Estate on Your Site

InFrame is a very distinct ad unit even though it appears to be a simple skyscraper banner ad. However, its function sets it apart. InFrame appears only to those arriving to your site from a wide-screen monitor. In the excess margins, InFrame presents ads relevant to your site’s category. This is great news for “content light” websites, as InFrame is not contextually dependent.

InFrame is currently in beta version as we gather stronger advertisers to complement all categories. But go ahead and turn it on, to get first dibs on some high earning ads once it is up and ready to go.
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