Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DO Not use Double Click ads If you already have 3 adsense on a Page!

DoubleClick is a subsidiary of Google which develops and provides Internet ad serving services.


Hi guys, adsense for publishers is a most priced possesion, nobody wants to loose their adsense account, inspite of Googles Strict rules,
becos there really is no alternative Globally that pays as much. However, after tryn to maximize my little traffic by adding more ad networks to my blogs, i came across some, (wont mention names) that their ads were similar to adsense, at first i asked them if it was adsense that they should please stop serving my Google ads on my site because i already had 3 adsense on my pages and wont wanna get banned at all, but they replied my cunningly saying its Double Click ads, i was a little relaxed, i didnt know what double click ads was. Now these supposed ad network are those that like Paying NET 45,  and really dont look for advertisers, on their website, there is only room for publishers, cos they are not direct networks. After a while my spirit, told me to remove their ads cos i saw more and more that they were adsense ads. when i later saw that adsense servers use double click ads also, i was glad, because i already removed them before it will be too late. i was not excited with these guys becos they were supposedly experts and knew about adsense union with Double Click but i didntg cos i was a novice, and yet because they are slefish they didnt tell me. I later recieved a mail from them one time announcing a new ad tag size, saying its from double click and that "If your site has been banned by google adsense, please dont use the ad tag" i was like, these guys are mad and crazy. IF my site isnt banned by adsense, why would i be loosing an ad slot to your guys silly. so be warned, dont learn to hard way. If an ad network is serving a Double click ads, tell them to remove it from your site, if they claim they cant, please remove them from your site. Cos if you are banned by google, you cant even use them either, cos they partner wit Google somehow.. Look for ad networks that have their own advertisers.

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