Friday, November 30, 2012

Easiest way to get VISA Card and Master card in Nigeria

Hi guys, Nigeria is going Online! and everywhere you go on TV they talk about cashless Nigeria, yes indeed. the cashless policy is a good one, it will save you the stress of carrying large currency value everywhere you go and is also more secure, as if your money is stolen, you cant get it back, but even if they steal your card, they cant do anything with it no matter their hacking skills because it will be blocked by the bank.

Getting a Visa Card and Mastercard in Nigeria has become very easy. first off, i will start with getting a Visa Card.

Getting a Visa Card

The fastest way to get a visa card in Nigeria is  the UBA africard which goes for as low ass N500 for Uncustomized and N750 for Customized name card. its as easy as walking into a UBA bank and going to the customer care and request for the Africard. I must confess that the UBA Africard, apart from the N100 deduction when you load and withdraw, i have found it to be more effective. I have had a few problems with my GTB naira mastercard, like GTB refusing to pay merchant saying they didnt use my Card CVV number, but i have had no problem with my Africard card. its accepted every where local and international online and the transaction is pretty smooth.  If you already have a UBA account, you can get your uncustomized Africard in 30 minutes and you just walk out and start using it. you may deposit say N1000, they will deduct N500 as the card fee and N100 as the Loading fee and you ill be left with N400 balance on your card.

Types of Africard

The UBA Africard come in two types, the uncustomized one doesnt come with your name but has on it the name "UBA CARDHOLDER" . While the customized one will have you name on it, you will need this one if you want make transactions that require your name on the card for verification. The Customized AFricard may take a day or two to get but the uncustomized one takes less than an hour. They both have the same full features.

Africard Uncustomized

Africard Customized

Loading Your UBA Africard

The Visa card can be loaded by you or anybody because its like a normal account but it wont be connected to your UBA account ( if you have any). Loading your card is like depositing into an account in the Bank. and also you have access to your account transactions online, so if you make any transaction that requires verifiction data sent to the card, it will be very easy for you to log into your account online immediately and see the verification sent by the merchant you made transaction with.

Note : This UBA Africard is a Nigeria Card, it may be used anywhere Visa card is accepted, online or POS, or ATMs, however, since its from Nigeria, you will not be able to use it with any merchant or service that has forbidden Nigeria from their service.

Getting a Master Card Debit In Nigeria

Getting a mastercard is pretty simple as most banks now are either leaving the verve cards to either mastercards or visa cards as their ATM Debit cards, this is one thing very nice about Nigeria banks. By providing us a Master card  or Visa Card thats connected to your account. This card unlike what we use to hear about Europe and America, is a Debit card and not a Credit card.

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