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Adsense is the biggest and highest paying ad network for both Publishers.
Alot of people think Google doesn't want more publishers and that its a very hard to get approved on Adsense for new bloggers, but not true, its true that years ago, getting an Adsense account was as simple and signing up for a Blogger account without even posting any thing like me lol, but two years ago Google stopped that and like many ad network for publishers it requires some simple basics for websites before approving their Adsense account. These criteria can however be met and achieved easily just like criteria for other ad network.
Unlike Tribal Fusion, Adsense doesn't require alot of unique visitors before considering your site. However, what makes Adsense look mysterious is that , unlike others, it doesnt state the criterial openly on their site, but if you follow their email on review on your site and have an experience with them , you will find out that Adsense isn't so difficult. Here are a few and easy steps to get your Adsense account very simply.

Method 1. 

Open a new Blogger account. Post 10 - 20 good quality articles 450+ words each. Also add a Youtube video and some free images from flicker or Photobucket. Do this over 10 -14 days. Now make sure these articles are unique and that you don't copy from other sites, especially sites that have Adsense on them. Get backlinks as discussed in my article Google Adsense 

Make sure you are getting up to 100 unique visitors daily. Then apply for Adsense.

Method 2. 

Make 4 Hubs. Add 4 - 5 posts to each 300 - 500 words. Add Youtube and jpg's. And apply for Adsense through Hubpages.

Keep in mind that your work will be approved by a Google employee not a robot. So be confident that it makes sense.

All in including approval 21days. That's as quick as it gets. These days.

Sign Up for Adsense HERE

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