Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Open Your Paypal account in Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon

Here are the simple steps to open a Paypal account even if your country isnt on the paypal worldwide list  .

1. Get a VCC, A VCC is a virtual credit card for another country that is on Paypal List, but isnt tied to any name. so you can use it with your real name. So i suggest you get your VCC from reputable merchants like VCC FORUM yes they are reputable in delivery working vcc for any country. It usually goes for about $9 . You can use your full name with the VCC, they will send you Card number, card expiring date and Card cvv number, these are what you will need, you must then get a valid address and phone number of the country you wish to adopt for your paypal account, i.e a country that has full approval for Paypal not jsut that, it is wise to chose a country that you can easily get their server IP to Sign UP, and Login each time with it.

2. Adopt a Country that has the Following

a. No limit in Sending and Receiving money on paypal

b. A country that you can easily get a valid address and phone number , this can be searched for on google, just type a name or organization of a company or institution and serach for address and phone number. you may use or change the numbe rof the address but you have to be careful about changing the phone number, i prefer you to use the same phone number of the country so you dont make mistake in changing it as you are not familiar with their phone number system. Dont worry paypal wont call nor visit the address, they just wann a know that they exist.

c. When adopting a country, you must choose on that you can easily get their IP address, cos you will need this when Signing Up for your paypal account and each time you login to your paypal account, you will need this IP to do so, you will ot be able to use another IP to Login no your country IP, else your account may be Limited. very important. About wher eto get IP, example of service providers include Strong VPN and Your- Freedom . in choosing a country, i would advise not to choose U.S , Canada or UK , becos Paypal has strict regulations and monitoring on their account. so stick to the Asia countries.

3. Sign up for your Paypal account using the IP of the Country you wanna sign Up as, you may use your full name. after adding your vcc, wait for about four days and contact your vcc comany for your expuse number, you will need to enter this in your paypal account to verify its your credit card. 

4. Once you do that, your Paypal account is fully verified for ONE YEAR.. reason is that most VCC have expiring date of one year from the day they give you, so the next year, you will have to add another VCC.

So you may go ahead and enjoy your paypal service as being from another country, make sure to always use the same IP each time you login and make transaction with your Paypal account.

Thanks and leave your comment.

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  8. How can I open a PayPal account from Haiti.