Thursday, November 29, 2012

Install come2play multiplayer live games on your phpfox site

Install come2play multiplayer live games on your phpfox site

Hi guys, i want to show you how to install Come2play games on your sites, especially Phpfox Social Network Sites

Come2play is a free gaming network that allows you play challenge games online with people around the world on real time.

This first tutorial is of phpfox sites

1. Download this rar file

Come2play Multiplayer live games

2. Unrar it and Upload it into your phpfox server...

3. Go to your phpfox site and click on apps, select create apps, choose a name and save..

 4. Then it will give you your app's primary key. Copy this key and go to config.php file in the Come2play folder in your server and click Edit and enter the key in the primary key section.

 5. Click on url and replace correctlly the url of your come2play game folder in your server, i.e if you uploaded it to "games" folder in your server, and this can be your phpfox site server your url will be then save

6. Then click on photo and upload a snap of it.

7. Then click Visit APP. Click Install, at first it will not may load becuase it just installed on your profile, refresh the page( like this before a member is able to play this game he will have to install it on his/her profile.

 Click on APPs again and click on the new game and there it is, it will load and your can start playing and enjoying more visitors to your site.

 i have taking this time out to fully explain to both newbie and webmaster, so please leave your comments and inquiry. Thanks

Now if your site, isnt a Phpfox site, no need to worry about this parameter, if you can get to the html of your site or a simply put it on a wordpress pages. see here for that

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