Friday, November 30, 2012

Pastor Chris - Facts about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Rev. Christian Oyakhilome Ph. D, Born December 7, 1961 is the Eldest Son of Elder T. Oyakhilome of blessed memory. He is one of Nigeria's and Africa's Biggest Healing Evangelist and known Worldwide for his Healing Crusades, Look and Live, Total Experience, Night OF Bliss and Higher Life Conference. His ministry is called Believers Loveworld Inc A.k.a Christ Embassy. He is married to wife Rev Anita Oyakhilome who heads the UK branch and has 2 lovely daughter. His younger brother Rev ken Oyakhilome also heads his Branch in the U.S. 
We have witnessed a metamorphosis of his meetings in increase in miracles and transformations of names of the event. He is also a best selling author having authored more than 20 christian titles including his daily devotional Rhapsody of Realities. 

His ministry started over 30 years ago, while he was still in the University, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. Edo State. Nigeria. Where he received the call from God to go into the ministry and he started the Believers Loveworld Fellowship, which has become Believers Loveworld Inc' Known with Millions of members and friends around the world. He is an amazing teacher of the word of God, some call him the Kenneth  E. Hagin of Nigeria, and Father of the Word of faith Teaching in Nigeria as he brought to light the in-dept teaching of Faith in the Word of God as Kenneth Hagin had done in United States decades Earlier. He is also a Healing Evangelist bringing the power of God to heal the sick and cast out demons in His Crusades and Healing School held seasonally. Of his healing teaching and ministration, many have labeled him the Benny Hinn of Nigeria and of His Evangelical meetings many have named him the T.L. Osborne of Nigeria.  I see him as a combinations of these great fathers of faith and God's general. His crusades have numbered about 3.5 million people in one event.

Of course being faced with many persecutions and accusations as the Lord has prophesied that those who preach the Gospel will suffer persecution from their brother and sister. many have called the miracles fake and the teachings extreme. But he gets bigger every day and themiracles keep multiplying, a proof of the power and working of the Spirit of God.

Having had bad experiences with fellow ministers, he has completely shied away from associating with them and prefers to do allthings amongst his ministers. for he always says "I can do allthings, through christ that strengtheneth me" like the scripture says.

He is also a Televangelist and a proud owner of 3 Christian satelite TV, Loveword SAT in South Africa, Loveworld Plus In Nigeria and Loveworld TV in UK. He also airs his popular TV programs "Atmospher for miracles" and "Pastor Chris teaching" on these stations as well as many other stations globally including TBN. 

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