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Top 5 Free Website Hosting Sites

Top 5 Free Website Hosting Sites - As an Upcoming webmaster, or you just want to have your own site and you dont have ridiculous amount that some webmaster is charging you. here is a complimentary list of the top 5 free website hosting companies, where you can simply sign up and create a website for free, with no programming knowledge at all but already pre configured tools to help your build a professional looking website.. cheers


1. WEBS - is a good website builder with a rich set of features that can't be found anywhere else. The way you can organize your site's design stands out. The carousel image slider is pretty unique and will make your website look very professional.

However, at this time some parts of the user interface feel a bit inconsistent as they've been taken over from the old site builder version. Let's hope Webs will polish everything off in the future.

Next to their free plan they currently offer three different paid plans. The Enhanced and Pro plans also include email accounts. When comparing prices with other providers you have to be a bit careful: by default they show you prices for 2-year plans. VISIT WEBS HERE


At first glance, the Weebly website seems nothing special. But take a closer look and you'll discover an outstanding tool. It's simple, uncluttered and easy to use, and that's exactly what people with limited technical skills need it comes to creating their own internet presence.

Added to this, Weebly's price/performance ratio is one of the best on the market: you can build up to 10 completely separate websites on the Pro plan.

We think Weebly and Jimdo run neck and neck. Both tools serve the same market segment, and both are easy to use and equally good. Jimdo gets bonus points for its online store, while Weebly's strengths lie in its flexibility, sophisticated form builder and integrated multimedia, for example its video player. All things considered, it really just comes down to which features you consider most useful. VISIT WEEBLY HERE -

3. YOLA -
Yola is a free and paid web hosting membership service that provides members with tools and resources for building websites, as well as a format within which to host them. Formerly known as “Synthasite”, this web hosting service has been around since 2007, and was founded by online entrepreneurs Brent Viljoen, Trevor Harries-Jones, Vinny Lingham, Stefan Lourens and Peter Bodechtel. VISIT YOLA HERE -


Google Sites is a simple, free, Web-based, template-based, site builder and host, with good tie-ins to Google Ads and services like Docs, Video, and Maps. But competitor Webs offers more control over site design and a better interface.
If you have a Gmail or other Google account, you're already signed up—the tool is available for any existing account, and you may be surprised to see a Google Site entry already exists with your username. The interface hasn't changed much since the last time I tested it; if anything, there's less too it now. It now gets the black header bar treatment that Google's been applying to all its properties of late.
The home page for sites is much simpler than it was back in 2008. Instead of offering a video tutorial and tabs of example sites and How It Works, there's just a Create Site button. And once you're in the editing interface, you get a choice of new or old interface, with the new sporting non-text icon buttons in a simpler gray and black color.

After pressing that single Create Site button, what you see next is simpler, too, thanks to some options having been collapsed. Instead of four fields to fill with your site name, description, sharing rights, and theme, you now just start by choosing a template and site name, and your URL, which becomes a subdomain of (Note the SSL prefix for security.) You'll also have to enter a CAPTCHA to prevent someone from writing a program that auto-creates billions of sites for free.

Google Sites makes a distinction between Templates and Themes. Templates first govern the layout, components, and page types. Themes are all about the colors and images used in your instance of the template. You can browse a decent collection of templates appropriate for classroom, business, events, clubs, personal, and organizations. But many of them seem to be minor variations submitted by Sites users. Despite the seemingly large selection, you'll find a better range of site templates in either Webs or Homestead. TRY IT OUT HERE -

5. WIX
Wix is a complex do-it-yourself website builder that allows users to create and customize attractive websites quickly and for free, what is not the least of the factors. Due to the intuitive and user-friendly control panel users don't even need to have any programming skills in order to add text to a website, change colors and pictures, customize the background or even add a photo gallery or a contact form.

Once you open the Wix website home page, you face with catching and alluring slogans, such as: "Experience the easiest, most powerful way to create a stunning website." Or "Create your free stunning website!" or even "Easy to customize. No coding. Google friendly." and etc. It sounds really attractive, especially if you're short of time and your budget is quite limited. But what stands behind all these catchwords and slogans? Let us step by step analyze the slightest detail and feature the Wix website builder provides. TRY IT OUT HERE -

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