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Tunnel Guru VPN with MTN BIS Settings

Tunnel Guru VPN with MTN BIS Settings

Okay guys here is little tutorial to get you on your browsing spring with the presently blazing tunnel guru formerly known as India web proxy, then was later known as International web proxy, then was nah letter known as web tunnel and is now known as tunnel guru, it doth not appear what it shall be known as the next time it resurfaces, however i must confess that of all their packages i have used for the past 2-3 years this VPN happens to be the best as it doesnt require any proxy input for your browser or web applications and workis excellently with you skype, yahoo messenger,etcetera..

ok yes this VPN works with MTN bIS, i will create a another post for the multilinks settings and of course etisalat is back. yeah.. lol., ok i must say i am only using this now, because of limited cash, . so if you have money, pay ooo!!!

alright , done to business. first off.

1. Download the latest tunnel guru client here - Download (Note you need to download your own copy yourself, because each download comes with a unigue TG number, that is very important for the HTTPS section for unlimited bundle, so ensure you download one copy per one PC.)

Secondly make sure you download your version . i.e 32(86) bits or 64 bits depending on your system, a 64 bits wont work for a 32 bits.

2. so unrar or unzip the software with an unrar software like winrar or winzip.. After doing that, open the folder and you will see three files, now, if the file with name TGv1.0 doesnt have the java icon on it, that means you dont have java on that system, and it will not work withour java. so download your pc version of java here free JAVA 32 BITS JAVA 64 BITS

3 . After Successfully installing java, and you click on that file , TGv1.0 it will open, anyway close it first.

4. you need to go to your control panel and turn off your firewall, yes windows fire wall, this prevents some system to browse, however not all , but i suggest you do it for yours cos i dont really see the work of that firewall.

5. Next you need to download open vpn here - Open VPN Download
after download install on your pc, then locate the short court on your desktop, right click on it and click on "properties" then click on "compatibility" go to the bottom and tick, "run as administrator" and click Apply and OK . now do the same thing to the tunnel guru file called "Tunnel guru" (the one with the blue circle) right click and make it run as admin as you have done the Open VPN.

6. Now Double click on the "Tunnel Guru" file (the one with the blue circle, you may wanna send a shortcort to desktop as this will be your lauching file) whne it opens , configure as shown below -

Of course you should have registered in for your username and password and buy your own package. Enter for Server any of the following -

for Protocol , you can either use UDP as shown in the image above or ICMP, when in ICMP, change MOde to Mode 5 fastest or mode 6 fastest.

After purchasing your package enter your user name and password in the box provided and Click on Start, wait for a prompt and click "OK" then wait about 5 -10 seconds for it to say VPN Completed. then you are good to go. just open your browser and start blazing with the speed of 3G.

But first you know this works with mtn BIS complete packages or normal Multi links. so for the MTN BIS settings, first buy a plan, you do NOT need a BLACKberry phone to BUY a BISCOMPLETE Plan, so you can use any phone, load you line with either 500 naira i.e if you want to go for BIS one week, or N1,500 if you wanna go for BIS month plan, and yes they give one week extra for that.

After recharge simple TEXT BBCWEEK to 21600 for weeek plan or TEXT BBCMONTH to 21600 for ONE month plan. after that, go to your modem or phone you use as modem,

locate Tools-Option-Profile management- click on ADD NEW -

then on Name write = Heavens gate


on access point or apn, =

username - web

password - web

then save.

then go to the index, and select the profile "heavens gate" that you just created and click connect. then after it connects, click on Start on your Tunnel guru client. until it says VPN completed.

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