Friday, December 7, 2012


Hi guys, yes clickbank, number one Internet marketing site, a great place to make money, but your country isnt in the clickbank country list, yeah you feel sad, cos you have received some good info about making money online and internet marketing, your saliva is already up only to click on sign  up and see that your country isnt on the list. 

Fear not my child, for i will show you a more excellent way to open a clickbank account and receive your checks even if your country isnt on that LIST. yeah.. 

Ok, first off , what you need is not to go meet your friend in some Clickbank country asking him to help you receive your checks and using his address. NO, NO, NO!! you dont need that, the truth is they are gonna get greedy and picky someday about your checks. what you need is a company that offers a mail forwarding service. yea.. thats it. and i am gonna show you the best. cos some of these mail forwarding companies will tell you they dont handle checks on money. 

1. First off, you sign up on UKPOSTBOX : This is a mail forwarding company that provides you with a UK address for receiving your clickbank cheques and other packages. They charge is pretty cheap, infact the cheapest in the business. no sign up fees, just that you provide some government IDs before you account is fully activated and they provide you with your address for shopping etc. So click on Sign Up, and on sign Up form , for Account Type, select - Personal  and for Plan select PAYG. 

2. After your account with  UKPOSTBOX is fully activated and you have received your address, simply go to and Sign up using the PO BOX address they give you, you can use any uk phonenumber, they wont call. or ask them for their phone number to use. make sure you enter the address rightly on clickbank form, you may contact them on skype on how to do enter the UK address on clickbank profile,  . So they will receive your Clickbank cheque and forward it to your in your country.

3. Make sure you sign up using a UK IP, cos your are supposedly based in UK, so they dont suspect anything, now this IP is jsut for the first time you sign up, you wont need to be using this IP again after sign Up, you may use your country IP.

Having done that, your clickbank account is ready, do make sure you use the same full name s on clickbank as well as on UKpostbox. so start that internet marketing business, no more limitation.!! yupee!!

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