Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I can't install any Joomla extensions - Solved

After Successfully  installing Joomla manaully, many have problems with installing extensions, this problem isnt common with Auto0- installers, just when its manually installed. below are a few checks you should make inorder to solve this issue.

Go to your Global configuration section in administration backend and click on server, scroll down and enter your ftp details to your joomla site and turn ftp ON by ticking it. then try to install any extension, if it doesnt work try, turning off FTP. If it gives "Configuration saved successfully" and FTP is still On , then its solved. If not solved see below for possible solution.

tmp directory: An incorrect tmp directory can cause this problem. To check this, look in your configuration.php file for the var $tmp_path value and make certain it matches your actual path. This must be writable to Joomla!.
Session path: The session.save_path directive in your php.ini file must be writable. To verify, use the Forum Post Assistant. If it reports save.session_path: Not Writable then there is a problem. Look at your php.ini directives and verify the location and the permissions of the session.save_path value. It must be a valid location and it must be writable for Joomla!. You may require the assistance of your Web host for this, depending on your Web hosting situation.
php.ini: You could also check your php.ini file, main file is generally under /etc directory. If you can edit this file, you can set open_basedir to include the temp directory: open_basedir = /tmp. If you have another path included, as suggested by security settings for Joomla!, you can add additional paths by adding :/path. An example: open_basedir = /var/www/html:/tmp.

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