Friday, December 7, 2012

Payoneer Mastercard

Hello 9jaTown People! here i wanna show you how simply you can get you payoneer
mastercard here in Your Country. payoneer is a Us based company which is in partnership with mastercard to offers credit cards to any country in the world. Its like an international Ebank. just like Gtbank is in partnership with mastercard to issue mastercard to its customers also Payoneer Inc is also license to do so for the world.

The first step about getting you a Payoneer mastercard is by registering with one of their partners. Note that payoneer will not approve your card unless you are registered with their partners. dont get confused its very simple and legal. matter of fact its the normal process.

There are many payoneer partners to freely register with, the one i prefer is Odesk : a freelancing website.

Step 1

Go to and sign Up as a contractor i.e someone looking for a Job. its as simple as opening an email address.

Step 2

After Sign up. you will be asked to complete your profile, just fill in what anything you like.

Step 3

click on "Wallet" the click on "withdrawal Method" Select payoneer as your withdrawal method, you will be asked to link your payoneer account with your odesk. click on the Link and you will be redirected to the payoneer website

Note: Now if you already registered for a payoneer card before, you will not be able to use that account for this, so it better you open a new account with this link. and alos make sure you are using good internet connection.

So Click on Open an Account and sign up for a Payoneer card. in the process you will be asked for a National ID, well for now you are not required to upload the card, so you may enter any number in the National ID card, but make sure you remember the number you use, in case of security checks later on in life.

After successfull signing up on Payoneer, you will be redirected back to the Odesk website, where you will finally connect your Payoneer account to your Odesk.

In couple of hours, you will be notified via your email that your card has been approved and given a date for it to arrive and come to you in Your Country. (make sure you give a correct address and again no fear Your Country is in c=good relationship with Payoneer.

Once your card comes to you, you will have to first perform the first Activation of the Card, by Login into your payoneer account and entering the card details. Note: If you card doesnt comes 7 days after the designated date, please contact them via Live chat on their website, and they will direct you on what to do.

Now your card has come and you have performed the first activation, however you will not be able to load it yourself with your Your Countryn mastercard or visa card. because you have not received a partner payment.

They require you to receive a partner payment for full activation of your card, then you may use it and load it your self with your Your Countryn cards. the partner payment can be from Odesk or any other partner of payoneer.

to do this easily,

Step 1

simply open another odesk account, but this time as an Employer so that you will post a job for $25 and give the Job to your contractors account then you can pay for the Job with your Your Countryn master card on your Employers account and 8 days time when you receive it into your Contractors account, you can withdraw it into your payoneer master card. Then your payoneer master car will be fully activated and now you can load it by yourself via the Payoneer website with your Your Countryn cards.

NOTE on this first load, they will then take the charge for their card of about $14 yeah just as Gtbank changes us 1k to get out ATM cards. you will then have About $10 in your card.

The minimum you can load your card is $20 at anytime.

You can use your Payoneer with any ATM in Your Country and in the world where mastercard is accepted and also online.

the payoneer card is good for anybody especially for those who travel alot, because you can withdraw money from any ATM in the world in a Fixed prize instead of the 1k plus that Your Country Banks will charge you when you use it outside the country.

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