Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator

Submitting website Sitemap to Google Webmaster tools is a must for any webmaster that wish to be successful. Submitting your website sitemap to Google webmaster tools will help your website in the sense that whenever you make a new post on your blog or add a new page to your site, Google will get notified and your blog will get indexed on Google search engine.

Google needs the sitemap fo your website or blog to effectively know all pages and url of your website and index them to search result pages. My site almost had 30% increase of traffic from Google after submitting my site to Google Webmasters Tool without any advertising. 

Ofcourse you need a sitemap for your site, there are many services and softwares both free and paid that offer this, but i will show you a free software that can help you generate an xml sitemap for your site both for Google and Bing webmaster - FREE SITEMAP GENERATOR 

Download and install the software on your pc, than run it, enter the url of your website and click Start. it will begin scanning your website for pages and urls. After it is done, click on the Google Sitemap tab and click on save file. Then upload the sitemap.xml file you saved unto your website server via ftp.

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