Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Submit site to Google

Submit site to Google

Easiest way to submit your website to google is to simply go to Google ADD URL  you will sign up for google webmaster and that should be it. Your website or blog will be added to Google's index.

However, if you want greater indexing of every page, you dont stop there. You will have to first verify your website after signing up on Google webmaster.

How to verify your site on Google webmaster.

To verify that you own a site, you have a number of options. You can:
  • Add a meta tag to your home page (proving that you have access to the source files). To use this method, you must be able to edit the HTML code of your site's pages.
  • Upload an HTML file with the name you specify to your server. To use this method, you must be able to upload new files to your server.
  • Verify via your domain name provider. To use this method, you must be able to sign in to your domain name provider (for example, GoDaddy.com or networksolutions.com) or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.
  • Add the Google Analytics code you use to track your site. To use this option, you must be an administrator on the Google Analytics account, and the tracking code must use the new asynchronous snippet.

Webmaster Tools will check to see that the specified tag, file, record, or code is present.  Then you site is verified, than you can go on and Submit your Website sitemap. This will help Google know all pages on the site or blog and get them indexed for search result faster.

However, you need to also Submit sitemap of your site to Google Webmaster to help them index all pages of site faster and thus your show up more on their search result pages.

How to Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster

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