Monday, November 26, 2012

9 Best Niche Blogs that Stand Out from Crowd

Blogging can be real sweet when you write on niches people find most
appealing. I have come to realize that among many niches which bloggers
write on, there are few among them that can help stand you out as a
professional blogger, even if you are a newbie. It only requires you to
take some ample time to find out what people are constantly crying out
 for. Let me give you an example, in this my blog ,
discovered that each time I write on a topic that is trending at the
moment, I receive a tremendous number of pageviews and hits. Same is
applicable in writing contents on niches that can help make you grow
from newbie to problogger. The question would be what niche should you
look out for?

After careful studies and comparisons, I came up with what I call the top 9 blogging niche list which you can write on to become a successful blogger. See them below:

1.  Information Guides Niche:-

is the number one on the list because it has over time proven to be
highly resourceful. Day by day, people search online real time
information and guides on the basis of time of needs. Blogs that writes
on information guides hardly run out readers!

2. Entertainment Review Niche:-

was once discussing with a friend on the rate at which the
entertainment industry is growing. The most interesting part of it is
that, people can actually give in most of their time reading to
celebrity news and happenings in the entertainment world. Writing a
review on movies, songs albums concerts etc won't be a bad idea!

3. Tutorials Niche:-

family friend once asked me this striking question "Why do you always
like to write free tips and tutorials for people?" Now at first, it
looks almost crazy spending bulk of your time writing for people free of
charge, but in the other way round, it is the key to becoming a
successful blogger. Think of it this way, when you succeed in helping
someone solve a problem just by reading your post, men! that person will
become a loyal reader of your blog for life, and may even go about
announcing your help. Write tutorials of information technology,
books,classes,computer,modern equipments etc.


4. Lifestyle Niche:-

is another cool niche to write, that is if you are really passionate
about people's way of living. Learn more about people's lifestyle and
see a way of putting up posts which other people may want to read.

5. Make money online niche:-

money online has become everyone's desire, especially with promises
which the internet holds for hard-working publishers. There are so many
ways of making money online, and most of them are legal. All you need is
a research and at least lots of reading to make it happen on your blog.
Know this- you are not different from probloggers who are now merchants
in this niche, they started in a day, so you too can be like them. All
you need is hard-work.

6. Relationships Niche:-

people resolve flops in their relationship, write guidelines which can
help relationships or dating stand strong and you will be certain of
getting your audience!

7. Sports Niche:-

used to check the stats of most blogs that write on sports, and
virtaully all of them are doing well. Sports, especially football is
taking a good number of fans places. You might want to start writing on
sports tips, reviews and upcoming events, it surely will pay you. You
can only do this well if you are sports passionate writer.

8. Games Niche:– 
niche sounds odd right? Well you never can tell how many teenagers and
adults that loves reading about online games and tips on gaming.

9. Self-Help Niche:-

niche sounds more like "motivational, inspirational, how to etc" Most
people love to see articles that will help them solve one personal
problem or the other. You might begin to write articles on self-help.
Best way to come up with ideas would be to write on occasions where you
helped yourself out of one problem or the other using a particular
technique or approach.

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