Monday, November 26, 2012

How to get a UK mail Forwarding Address to Any Country

Alot of services are restricted to some geographical locations, that may not include your country, but you woild like to benefit from these services.  e.g clickbank. or ebay or other shopping services etc.
You would require an address for mail and packages to be forwarded to your location afterwards, theses services are called Mail forwarding Services. and i will like to show you a more excellent one that is very cheap. yep . The best and cheapest i can guaranty is UKPOSTBOX yes they require no sign up fee like the rest, and give you two address, one for letter mail( including Checks) and another for packages of any size to be forwarded to you. you can simply order for your goods and use the address they give you, they will receive you goods and notify you, and tell you the charge and how much it will take to forward your goods back to your. you only get to pay for the premium postal fee like DHL, UPS, cos their charge is in penny depending on size. cool.

so go ahead. sign up its free. UKPOSTBOX .

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